1. On Different Paths
    Marlon Simon

  2. Jazzin
    Zaccai Curtis

  3. Inner Light
    Mike DiRubbo

  4. Music for the River Jazz Suite: The Spirit of Love River & Mississippi River

  5. Another Level
    Emmett Goods

  6. The Way I Feel Inside: Inspired by the films of Wes Anderson
    Marty Isenberg

  7. Feathers of Ma'at
    Ben Miller

  8. Golpe Duro

  9. Music In Me
    Little Johnny Rivero

  10. Pasos Gigantes Re-Mix
    Little Johnny Rivero

  11. Congo Square Suite
    Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr.

  12. After|Life
    Brian McCarthy

  13. Mejor Que Nunca
    Little Johnny Rivero & Anthony Almonte

  14. People of Earth
    People of Earth

  15. June
    Kris Allen

  16. Visions of Phaedrus
    Timothy Norton

  17. Eddie Palmieri Presents Sonido Solar
    Sonido Solar

  18. Happy Madness
    Lainie Cooke

  19. Asynchronization Party
    Mike Boone Quintet

  20. Mélange
    Kalí Rodriguez-Peña

  21. Bámbula
    Alex "Apolo" Ayala

  22. Together Again Bundle

  23. Plena
    Michael Eckroth

  24. Together Again

  25. Flash of the Spirit
    Santi Debriano

  26. Carol of the Bells
    Rachel Therrien feat. Adam Goulet

  27. Exiled - Exclusive Single
    Exiled - Single

  28. Todas las Voces
    Eva Cortes

  29. New Chordtet
    Peter McEachern

  30. Centennial Cole
    Orice Jenkins

  31. Algorithm
    The Curtis Brothers

  32. Wonderful World
    Matt Dwonszyk

  33. A Caribbean Thing

  34. Dance of the Great Spirit
    Ronnie Burrage and "Holographic Principle"

  35. Live at Pregones
    Los Pleneros de la 21

  36. Urban Fictions
    Marcus Persiani

  37. Pictures at an African Exhibition
    Darryl Yokley

  38. Vagabond Soul
    Nick Biello

  39. Why Don't You Try
    Rachel Therrien Quintet

  40. Beneath The Surface
    Mike Boone Quartet

  41. The Better Angels of Our Nature
    Brian McCarthy Nonet

  42. Suite Elemental
    Josiah Woodson

  43. Syzygy
    Curtis Brothers Quartet

  44. Raymack
    Raymond McMorrin

  45. Beloved
    Kris Allen

  46. Triangular lll
    Ralph Peterson

  47. Soar
    Orice Jenkins

  48. Entre Colegas
    Andy González

  49. Uptown Suite
    Marcus Persiani

  50. 20th Anniversary
    Ralph Irizarry

  51. Subconscious Love
    Peter McEachern

  52. Beacons Of Light
    Jonathan Powell & nu Sangha

  53. Back At It
    Albert Rivera

  54. Quiero

  55. Inner Dialogue
    Sarah Elizabeth Charles

  56. In Bloom
    Eva Cortés

  57. The Tree of Life
    Pharez Whitted

  58. Chapter Two
    Ray Vega

  59. From Daddy With Love
    Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet

  60. Akuma
    Sly 5th Ave

  61. Nuestro Tango
    Natalie Fernandez w/Zaccai Curtis & Insight

  62. Carlitos Way
    The Carlos Abadie Quintet

  63. Immersed in the Quest Vol.1
    The Carlos Abadie Quintet

  64. I Thoth So
    Aaron Burnett and The Big Machine

  65. Passageway
    Nick Roseboro

  66. Circle House
    Kris Allen

  67. Completion of Proof
    The Curtis Brothers

  68. HIGH vs LOW
    Giovanni Almonte

  69. Blood Spirit Land Water Freedom
    Curtis Brothers Quartet

  70. A Genesis

  71. Opus
    Andrei Matorin

  72. The Big Picture
    King Solomon

  73. Together: Musical Warmth For The Winter Holidays
    Truth Revolution Records


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